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Additional costs of buying a house

You’ve found the home of your dreams and it’s within your budget, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a home mover it feels like a dream come true! But have you prepared for the additional costs of purchasing your new home? There are a number of hidden costs associated with buying a property that you […]

What to do Pre-Application

For you or your loved ones getting a mortgage may seem a little bit like climbing Everest. The summit is incredibly far away and it’s going to be a long journey that requires a lot of commitment. That’s because the process of buying a home doesn’t start by selecting a property that’s within your budget […]

Record number of deals for first-time landlords

British landlords have seen many changes to the Buy-to-Let sector in recent years, some of which have driven some landlords to sell up. From the tenant’s fees bill, stamp duty surcharge and stricter affordability testing it’s been enough for some landlords to leave the market and look for alternative investment opportunities. But what about first-time […]

Protection: do you know what it means?

Life insurance and critical illness cover, do you understand the jargon or are you confused by the industry terms? Research by Legal & General has revealed that most customers are confused about the language used for protection products. Legal & General surveyed 2,000 people, and found that many consumers didn’t know what was meant by […]

MPs rally support for mortgage prisoners

Mortgage prisoners are predominantly those borrowers who took out a mortgage before the financial crisis but are now blocked from switching to better rates due to changes in lending practices. There are now an estimated 200,000 homeowners that are trapped on high interest-rate loans with unregulated or inactive firms, and are unable to switch to […]

How to help the self-employed!

Data released by the Office for National Statistics last month revealed the number of self-employed workers in the UK has surged to a new record high. There are now a massive 4.9 million workers across the nation who are their own boss. Being self-employed can bring with it many benefits. You can work around your […]