June Newsletter

With many mortgage lenders resuming physical valuations on properties in England, the property market seems to be breathing back into life. Coupled with the majority of housebuilders returning to building sites, there is renewed hope for whatever stage of property ownership you’re at. 

As the property market returns gradually there may be delays from lenders and valuations as they look to catch up with any backlog. Given the changing environment at present, the best thing you can do if you have any questions is to contact us, and we’ll be able to take you through which options suit you best.

With 7.5m people being assisted by the government furlough scheme*, mortgage lenders have had to re-evaluate how they are assessing this form of income. Roughly 60% of lenders, including many high-street brands, will accept furloughed income where it can be evidenced. Another 30% of lenders will consider furloughed income on a case-by-case basis, and the remaining 10% will not accept any furloughed income on a mortgage application. With stances changing daily in the current climate, it’s best to contact our advisers to gain the most up to date information for your circumstances. 

*Source: bbc.co.uk

If you are a DIY investor one of the biggest concerns when managing your own Pension, ISA or investment is ending up with unbalanced portfolio. If your money is managed by a financial adviser, most will update the balance of your investments appropriately to your change in circumstances. 

Why is this important during these challenging times? The coronavirus crisis has left many portfolios looking precariously unbalanced. Making the necessary changes yourself can be tricky, so many people will want to find a financial adviser to help them build a portfolio that is ready for the coming recovery.

Post-coronavirus, it is more important than ever to ensure you get expert help with your finances. Speaking to an expert independent financial adviser can give you more peace of mind.