10 Step Homebuyers Guide

Buying a home can be a stressful and confusing time. This step-by-step guide is designed to support and
inform you throughout your mortgage application through to completion:

1. Consultation with adviser – We will assess your requirements and find the right mortgage for you.

2. Protection – An essential not an extra, to ensure you are covered in the event of death, critical illness, or loss of income.

3. Decision in principle – Basic personal details will be submitted to the lender to see if you meet their terms. A Key Facts Illustration will be provided detailing everything you need to know.

4. Credit searches / application – The mortgage application can now be submitted and searches completed.

5. Document verification – The lender will assess your documentation submitted on application, this is usually payslips and bank statements. They may require further documents or further information to support your application.

5. Valuation – The lender will check the value of the property. You should also consider appointing your own surveyor
for a more in-depth survey of the property.

6. Offer – Once the valuation has been approved the lender will produce an offer.

7. Legal work – The solicitor will then complete the pre-exchange of contracts including deciding on a completion

8. Exchange of contracts – You are now legally committed to purchase the property.

9. Payment – Deposit is paid and the solicitor will finalise all mortgage arrangements. This is preceded by the payment
of land registry fees and stamp duty.

10. Completion – Funds are transferred and the purchase is completed. It’s now time to pick up the keys!