Should you use comparison sites for general insurance?

When looking for general insurance it’s easy to open up your laptop, head straight to a comparison website, enter your details and take out the cheapest option for cover. However, the cheapest option may not always be the best!

Remember that comparison websites will try to hook you in by showing you lots of cheap prices but it’s important to know that these policies might not be such great value. They might have a high excess, meaning that you will have a bigger financial outlay at the point of claim, or they simply might not provide the cover that’s right for you and your personal circumstances.

Unlike an insurance broker, comparison websites do not give ‘regulated advice’. This means that they only provide you with product information, and not whether the policy you are purchasing has the correct type and level of cover suitable to you as an individual.

Comparison websites are also not normally suitable for complex insurances cases; comparison sites normally only feature ‘standard products’ and won’t necessarily take your personal circumstances and needs into account.

Because they don’t give advice, any questions you might have about an unusual home, property or belongings you would like insured are unlikely to receive an answer through a comparison site which is why using an insurance broker can be invaluable.

Using a broker will give you access to expert advice, they will be able to give you guidance on the products and policies that best suit your personal needs.

A broker will ask you about your personal circumstances to find you the right policy – they’ll also be able to tell you if you’re already covered by your existing insurance policies so you don’t overlap, and they will often get you a good deal by comparing prices and product features.  

As well as this, comparison websites won’t give you access to specialist providers whereas using a broker will. They can provide bespoke cover, so if you need to insure something of high value high-value like a unique antique or an expensive piece of art an insurance broker will know how to help.

If you would like to talk through your general insurance options, contact one of our advisers today!